HeartView Scan saves hospital employee's life

Affordable and simple 10 minute test to check your heart

LEHI, Utah, (News4Utah) -- It is Heart Health Month. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States.
So knowing what's going on in that major organ could be life saving.
A heart scan can give you a better look of what's going on. And you may not know, it's available at most hospitals.  

You don't need a doctor's order to get your heart scanned. You show up at the hospital and in minutes the machine can detect calcium buildup in the arteries which could lead to a heart attack.

"It was a new test available for us I kept putting it off," said Marc Sanderson. 

Sanderson, 46, a nurse and director of emergency services at Mountain Point Medical Center, was curious about his heart.

With high cholesterol, he thought he might as well check things out since he was at the hospital.

Sanderson was otherwise healthy.

"I was running 7-8 miles a morning."

Sanderson was in excellent physical health, but the HeartView Scan revealed another story, turning this hospital nurse into patient.

"It was a stage 4 mantel cell lymphoma."

Radiologists fond a 5-cm mass near his heart.

"I was terrified. Based on a diagnosis with cancer, I couldn't think of anything worse especially being so healthy."
This non-invasive machine saved his life. It takes less than 10 minutes. After getting hooked up with wires, you hold your breath three times while the machine moves and scans your heart.

"The HeartView Scan is looking basically for damage caused in the coronary arteries. Looking at the calcium buildup in there, usually related to thickening of the arteries and determines how likely you are going to have a heart attack," said Dr. William Francis. 
"There's no question it saved my life," said Sanderson. A year later, Sanderson is cancer free.

A HeartView Scan costs $69. You'll get your results in a couple of weeks.

To schedule an appointment at Mountain Point Medical Center call: 385 -345-3512.

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