Health Department hosts drive-thru flu shots

ST. GEORGE (ABC4 Utah) - Flu season is upon us, and the Health Department is urging everyone to get their flu shots. 

"I am a new mom and I learned today that if I get a flu shot, I actually help him," said ABC4 News Reporter Lauren Matthias. 

"New moms can receive the flu vaccine and that gives them the antibodies to pass onto their babies through nursing. That's very important for your baby to get protection since your baby can't have that vaccine," said Danielle Timothy a registered Nurse. 

Matthias decided to get her vaccine and wasn't the only one at Tuesday's flu shot "Shoot-out" to be considered high risk. 

"If there's going to be hospitalizations  or even deaths  it usually does effect the elderly a lot worse and then it does effect young children, pregnant women, or people with chronic health conditions," said David Heaton with the Southwest Utah Public Health Department. 

Nurses from Dixie State University's nursing program made sure no one even had to get out of their car.

"From the time they take the paperwork and give the injection, and the person drives away is about a minute and 45 seconds," said Heaton. 

Heaton said there are between 20 to 40,000 deaths each year due to the flu, and says everyone over 6-month- old should get the vaccine, to protect themselves, but also those most vulnerable. 

"Right now it's the number one cause of death from a communicable disease in the United States," said Heaton. 

You can go to to see when other flu shot Shoot-out's are scheduled. 

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