Hate crime vandalism in Brigham City?

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - A home in Brigham City has been vandalized — with a rainbow flag cut up and graffiti on and around the property.

“I was really uneasy, I did not feel comfortable,” said Austin Forsgren, whose home was vandalized late Sunday night.

For the last two years, Forsgren had hung a rainbow flag from his Brigham City home.

“It is a welcome home for the LGBT community,” said Forsgren.

That flag, he says, was a symbol of inclusion. The vandalism, which happened Sunday night, was — to Forsgren — a symbol of hate.

Along with the flag being cut, graffiti with an anarchist symbol was spray painted on family cars, on a tree, on the grass — even on a window.

“It kind of makes you nervous,” said Forsgren.

Brigham City Police are still trying to figure out who is responsible.

"The anarchy symbol isn't really a hate symbol of any kind, so we don't know that that's really a connection. We're guessing that it's probably juveniles at this point,” said Lt. Chris Howard with Brigham City Police.

Forsgren has a message to those responsible. 

"Grow up. As humans, we should be above this."

Hear more from the Austin in this Facebook live video

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