Greg Skordas answers tough questions on latest high-profile cases

11/02/2017 - Right now there are several high-profile legal cases making headlines across the country and here in Utah. Attorney Greg Skordas joined Brian Carlson on our weekly series 'Ask the Authority,' to weigh in on these cases.

The investigation into Russian election meddling has been heating up this week. We ask Skordas to explain the severity of charges and what precent this case could set. Skordas says the recent indictments of Rick Gates and Paul Manafort didn't have anything to do with Russian meddling. However, prosecutor Robert Mueller, who was looking at the case, started following the 'money trail.' He noticed the two men had taken in millions of dollars from the Ukraine, from federal government. This money was purportedly used for consulting, and then laundered it through corporations. The money was eventually taken themselves, Manafort buying four houses for around five million dollars. Skordas says the men were being investigated for Russia's role in the election, but ended up being indicted on tax fraud and money laundering. He also says these charges are a direct line to other possible money laundering schemes by others in the administration. The prosecutor will also take a look at President Trump's finances.

The suspect who's been arrested for a shooting at the University of Utah this week, is also wanted in a Colorado murder. Skordas says, when it comes to prosecution, the District Attorney's office works with other states all the time, and they work together well. Typically, both states will look at their cases, deciphering which one has a better case and is more prepared to go to trial right now. If Colorado's District Attorney has a better case, the suspect will be extradited there for trial first, and then face the one here in Utah.

The Salt Lake Police have settled a lawsuit with Nurse Wubbels at the University Hospital. Skordas says the officer involved in the case, who was terminated, is working on an appeal for the termination. The other Lieutenant involved was significantly demoted. Skordas is helping the two officers in this appeal, arguing the punishments for their employment was too harsh. He says those cases should be heard within the next sixty to ninety days. 

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