Governor Talks Immigration and Refugees

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - During his first press conference since his State of the State Address Governor, Gary Herbert talked about issues coming up in the legislative session. He was also asked what role Utah would play in some of President Trump's new executive orders on immigration and refugees.

President Trump's order asks for help from state, and local agencies on enforcing immigration. Governor Herbert said he hadn't been asked to help, but notes it depends on what's asked of them.

Gov. Herbert notes Utah tried to have it's own immigration policy before, but lost in court.

"I think the federal government needs to step up and finally resolve that issue," said Gov. Herbert. "We've been talking about since Reagan for heaven's sake. Without any kind of resolution."

This comes as several law enforcement agencies around the country, including Salt Lake City Police, have refused to assist in the order.

While he's not against states helping with the problem of immigration, Gov. Herbert said he's tired of hearing about the the wall. he would rather the focus be on dealing with the system in place.

"We have people who want to come into the country, and they want to go home so the gate needs to flow and it needs to work," said the Governor.

Gov. Herbert said Utah has always been a welcoming place to immigrants and refugees. He voiced concern over the stoppage of refugees, and those already coming from certain countries. He points out they have to go through a long screening process.

"We have a lot of people in Syria who are probably running form terrorism, that aren't terrorist," said Gov. Herbert. "More important to me is who we are or what they are as opposed to where they come from."

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