Getting an On-Site Inspection

Salt Lake City, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - Glen:Buying a car is an important decision, but times you don't know if the used car is everything it's cracked up to be. That's where On-Site Inspections come in. We're joined by Brandi and Sean Jensen. Very interesting idea, how does it work?

Brandi: A used car inspection is a pre-purchase condition report. For a lot of people, a car is their second largest purchase after a house. You want to protect that purchase by knowing the condition of the car before you buy.

Glen:You guys come out on location and check out the car for us right there and the, is that correct?

Sean: Right, we can go to the dealer itself, or go to the seller, the buyer doesn't have to be there.

Glen: If it's a buyer off auto trade, you can go to the residence?

Sean: You don't have to waste your time to inspect a car that probably isn't going to be one that you're going to purchase. We'll look it over and make sure it's a good vehicle.

Glen: Tell me what you're looking for, is it cosmetics, mechanical, electrical?

Sean: We focus more on the mechanical aspect, our inspection includes a 106 point inspection. Which is more thorough than the average shop or dealer would do. It comes with a car fax report and safety recall information.

Glen: Okay, are you guys able to, for example, a water pump, are you able to tell if it's on the fringe, ready to go, or what exactrly do you look for?

Sean: Absolutely, so usually a water pump can be making noise or leak, a lot of dealerships will clean the engine base so it looks good to the average person. But when you dive deeper, you see he can  see what people are trying to hide.

Glen: If I go to the dealer and I see they're gone through a 28-point inspection, why should I not just say 'That's good enough for me?'

Sean: I would say most dealers purchase their cars from auctions, so they don't necessarily know the prior history of the maintenance or any service that was done or it could have come from a Minnesota, where there's a lot of rust or something like that. So, they try to cover up a lot of that stuff and we inspect it thoroughly.

Glen: Age range, any car? Is there a certain age range you specialize in?

Brandi: Any car, even if it's two years old, you don't know the history, we'll go out and inspect it.

Glen: is that a look at your mobile inspection right behind us?

Sean: This is our vehicle, we'll come to you, we can meet you at a parking lot or the dealership itself and inspect your vehicle anywhere, any time.

Glen: I mentioned I never heard of this myself, it's a fantastic idea. How long have you been around?

Brandi: We just launched in June, we're pretty new as of right now. We send a certified master technician out to the spot of the used car and most of the time it's same day.

Glen: How can we get in touch?

Brandi: You can get more information or schedule online at or call 385-549-6620.

Glen: in the time you have been around, have you had opportunities where you've been able to point out things that buyers have already been thankful for? 

Sean: We actually have, and I would say actually one that comes to mind is he had it done after he purchased it. And then we did an inspection, come to find out he needed $5,000 in repairs.

Glen: Ouch!

Sean: So he probably wouldn't have bought that car, had he known.

Glen: That's a good thing to point out. You need to do this before you buy a car, not after right? Great to have you with us.

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