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Gary Ott's family given power to make legal decisions

WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4 Utah)- A court hearing involving Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott could pave the way for his resignation.

Over the last year and a half, questions have surrounded Gary Ott’s mental health and capacity to hold public office.

Friday, three family members were awarded temporary guardianship after an emergency petition was filed two weeks ago. This would mean they would be given power that would effectively give them authority to have him step down from office, as well as control his finances. 

Ott's attorney confirmed he is currently being treated at a medical facility for an undisclosed condition. He was not at Friday's hearing in West Jordan, with attorneys telling the judge at least six physicians said that traveling would disrupt his medical care.

"I'm not happy about this situation at all because at the core of his situation is a person who is in extremice. There isn't much I can say based on the confidentiality of these proceedings. But we will move forward," said Mary Corporon, Ott's ex wife and current family attorney.

Ott's secretary and on-again-off-again girlfriend, Karmone Sanone, also asked guardianship with the intent to bring him back to their home.

Ott has been accused of working in an elected position while suffering from dementia.

In an interview last year, Ott told ABC4's Randall Carlisle that he did not suffer from dementia. 

Just last month, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams called for his resignation.


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