From Small City to Afghanistan - Behind the Badge with Trooper Jon Stanford

Why the UHP trooper loves to serve and protect

FARMINGTON, UTAH (ABC4 UTAH) Brigham City Police. The National Guard. The U.S. Army. And the Utah Highway Patrol That's Jon Stanford's resume. So, why did he go from law enforcement to soldier and back? We find out in this week's Behind the Badge officer profile. 
Trooper Jon Stanford has been on the road with the Utah Highway Patrol for just 10 months. "When you start crossing the ten mile per hour - eleven mile per hour threshold - I'll pull you over." 
He's new to UHP, but when it comes to serving and protecting - he's a has a lengthy resume. "I love being able to go into a situation assess it and figure out what a good solution is for it."  Stanford planned to be a paramedic, but after going on a few calls he decided to make a change."I was like you know what - I want to be the first one to come in and get it organized and assessed.  I switched from pursuing a career as a paramedic and went into law enforcement." 
He began that law enforcement career with Brigham City Police. He served as a detective, bike patrol officer and he was on the SWAT team and rescue dive team. "You put on the badge everyday and get in your patrol car and you never know what you are going to get." During this time Stanford was also in the National Guard. And then he left law enforcement and joined the Army and went to Afghanistan.
 "I joined - loved it. Had my deployment." Stanford was a mechanic and electronic warfare officer. And was put in charge of everything coming in and out of bases. "So, I'd get in a helicopter and go base to base to base."  He also was in charge of convoys - and came under enemy fire. "I just remember hearing rounds popping off on the side of the vehicle." He says it sounds worse than it actually was. "That's kind of what happens over there."  "It's a little scary, but after a few months you get used to it."
But after two years Stanford went back to police work in Brigham City. "I love the opportunity of being able to help the people of Utah." Fast forward a few years and Officer Stanford is now Trooper Stanford. "Decided to turn in the blue and go brown." He says both jobs involve serving and protecting - but just in different ways. "A lot of the times when they are on the side of the freeway they need help and it's nice to be able to go there and interact with them, get them on their way and make sure they're safe." "I love it - I absolutely love it."
 Trooper Stanford faced a man with an AK 47 during his Brigham City Police days. The man was shot. He went to jail and then contacted Trooper Stanford. To hear that story check out the web extra with this profile. And to nominate an officer for a future Behind the Badge story - just go to:


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