Flooding Continues to Hit N. Utah

CORINNE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - The national Weather Service issued a flood warning for the city of Corinne through Wednesday at 3 p.m. Many residents said this is the worst water levels they've seen in decades.

The Bear River is already at flood stage in Corinne, because crews had to release water form Cutler Dam. The reservoir became too full due to the snow melt and rain on Friday and Saturday.

Leo Garcia has lives in Corinne and can't remember flooding this bad since the mid 1980's. He's noticed the water slowly creeping higher.

"Just been watching it for the past few days an it's getting higher and higher," said Garcia. "I've just been like wow."

Garcia doesn't have a basement in his home, but flood waters have already had an impact. Water filled up his crawl space and he had to pump it out.

"I can hear water in my vents, my heater heater vents, so I had to sit their and pump out just so I could get heat blowing through my house again," said Garcia.

Many of the fields and yards in this small town have at least some standing water, while others have fields that are covered in water.

Box Elder County Sheriff's Office said they haven't received reports of major damage due to the flooding. Although some residents have had to pump water from their basements.

Jackie Anderson said this is still the worst she's seen the water levels in 40 years. Some people she knows had to move animals.

"In church I know they were talking about all the fields flooded and all their livestock having  to be moved," said Anderson.

Emergency crews said they are prepared if the flooding gets worse, but they hope the release from the dam will prevent major incidents from happening. Their biggest worry is rain, but there is none forecasted at least thought Friday.

Officials hope the reservoir is low enough to handle further snow melt, or rain when it does come.

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