Fire extinguisher demonstration by Unified Fire after massive recall

11/03/2017 - Fires in the kitchen, fires on the road...there are so many reasons millions of Americans buy fire extinguishers. 38 million of those extinguishers with plastic nozzles, made by Kidde, are under recall today. Matthew McFarland, a firefighter with Unified Fire Authority, joined Brian Carlson Friday to show consumers how to use an extinguisher and how to tell when something.

McFarland says consumers can go to Kidde's website and type in the number found near the bottom of the extinguisher. This will tell you right away if it's been recalled or not.

He also says to replace your extinguisher if it's more than six years old. Extinguishers with metal nozzles, that are a little bigger in size, are the kind that are reliable. McFarland says to have one on every floor of your home, and definitely one in the kitchen. 

Firefighters use the acronym 'Pass' when teaching kids and adults how to use them. 

P: Pull 

A: Aim 

S: Squeeze 

S: Sweep

McFarland reminds users when 'sweeping,' to sweep at the base of the fire, not the top of the flames. The white cloud that comes out of the extinguisher is non-toxic, so he recommends practicing in your driveway(without starting a fire, of course). 

For more information on the recall, go to

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