Family Serves and Protects Utahns for more than 100 years

Behind the Badge with Sgt. Jeff Evans

SALT LAKE CITY (NEWS 4 UTAH) 113. That is how many years a Utah family has served and protected the people of Utah. Sgt. Jeff Evans followed in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather. And after 32 years on the force, last week he retired. But before he did, we caught up with him for tonights Behind the Badge report.

Sgt Jeff Evans puts in his final patrol of the Millcreek area of Salt Lake County. "Millcreek is one of our busier areas."  Ironically - three decades ago - this is where he started his career. "I tested and Sheriff Hayward at the time had made an offer to hire me." "Once I jumped into it I kind of took off with it." And when he started in 1985 he had both a law enforcement father and grandfather giving him some advice. "... told me just remember one thing in this job, he says, you will learn something every day. There is something to be learned every single day." 
And Evans says - that is what he loved. "I liked the variety of the work. Something different every day." As the 56-year-old looks back on his career he reflects on the different divisions he worked in - including his years in what is now the special victims unit. "It was probably the toughest assignments I had." And all these years later he says it is still difficult to discuss some cases. "The very first week I was in there I got into a homicide investigation involving a six-month-old baby. Ah (emotional pause) It's still  easy to stay emotional." 

Sgt Evans also worked with juvenile alcohol and drug enforcement... the civil division... and internal affairs."You walk into a precinct of an office and everybody is on pins and needles to what you are there for and what you want." Evans says he loved police work because it was people work. "You got to get some satisfaction in that. Knowing you helped somebody."  

And in between helping people - he says he spent a lot of time investigating and arresting people. "Domestic violence. A lot of theft. Vehicle burglaries." "Occasional shooting or stabbing. Something along those lines." "There's a lot of bad out there, but you see a lot of good as well." 

As he rides off into the sunset so to speak Sgt Evans is pretty low key about his retirement. But he says serving and protecting was the right job for his father, his grandfather and for him. "It's been a good ride. It's been a good job for my family and I. All in all its been a good adventure."    >

Sgt Evans served the entire time in Salt Lake County. He was a deputy then an officer with Unified Police. His father worked 49 years in law enforcement and his grandfather served 32 years. He also has a brother about 7 years into his police career. 

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