Family member speaks after murder-suicide that left young girl dead

Brother: Mom "murdered my 9-year-old sister"

MAGNA, Utah (News4Utah) - His sister, 9 years old, was shot and killed by his mother.

Now, Gibson Clark is trying to make sense of the unthinkable tragedy.

"Imagine your version of a good person, that was Maddie," said Gibson.

Madison, or "Maddie," as he called her, was a 4th grader at Magna Elementary.

"She was getting A's in science, and she was learning multiplication," said Gibson, Madison's big brother.

He didn't see her much, though -- because of Karina, their mother.

"The family doesn't really talk to Karina," said Gibson.

He says Karina was unstable, and that she had alienated herself from the family for years.

"We all lived with my grandma for a while," said Gibson. But not Madison. She had been raised by Karina.

On Sunday night, when a church member noticed Christmas gifts left outside that had never been opened or picked up, police were called.

They found Karina and Madison dead.

"They've just been in there, rotting, without anyone knowing, for weeks now," said Gibson.

Gibson says family members have been going through the home, and they found a note Karina left.

In the note, he says, his mother wrote that she had been left by her boyfriend and couldn't go on.
And, instead of a foster home for Madison -- or letting other family members raise the 9-year-old -- police say Karina shot her daughter before turning the rifle on herself.

"She murdered my 9-year-old sister with three shots. Two in the head, and one to the chest. And then shot herself in the same bed."

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