Don't fall for phone scams pretending to be your electric company

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) -Rocky Mountain Power is warning people to watch out for scammers.

Rocky Mountain Power customers have reportedly been receiving fraudulent calls from people posing as utility representatives.

According to reports from customers, the scammers would insist their bill is past due and threaten to disconnect their service if an immediate payment isn’t made over the phone.

Rocky Mountain Power says customers need to be aware of a few things:

  • If the caller says he is with the "Rocky Mountain Power Disconnection Department." No such department exists.
  • If the caller asks for your credit card number or advises you to purchase a pre-paid card from a store and to call back with the code. Rocky Mountain Power will not ask for this information. 
  • If the caller claims your electric service will be disconnected if you don't make a payment immediately, particularly if you haven't received any prior notice about late payments or a potential disconnection. Rocky Mountain Power says it doesn't threaten its customers.
  • Generally, notices about past due bills are sent to customers in the mail or delivered to their home, or they receive an automated phone message. Rocky Mountain Power will give you written notice of past due bills.

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