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Developers adjust plans for Cottonwood Mall site after resident input

HOLLADAY, Utah (News4Utah) - Developers are getting ready to show the Holladay City Council their most recent plans for the old Cottonwood Mall site. Many neighbors are getting behind the effort after adjustments were made.

Ivory Homes, and Woodbury Corporation have been working on the plans for several months, and have been giving presentations at people's homes to answer questions, and hear feedback.

The proposal calls for the 56 acres of land to be a mix of apartments, single family homes, and commercial. Several residents voiced concern about a proposed office building being 136 feet tall, and too much residential density.

Clark Ivory, the CEO of Ivory Homes, said the new plans call for a maximum hight of 90 feet and bigger plots for homes. He notes this much land on the Eastside is rare so they are taking precautions.

"This is a huge opportunity on a 56 acre site to do something incredible, and we need to get it right," said Ivory.

Howard Diederich is a Holladay resident who was hosting one of the sessions Monday night. He too was concerned about the original plans, but says he's happy the developers listened to their concerns.

"Seeing the plans and seeing the modifications that they've made have made me much more interested in the project, and much more happy with it," said Diederich. "There's much more green space."

McKinnon Woodbury of Woodbury Corporation, said for the commercial side would be office space, and retail. Trends have shown the old mall model likely won't work there anymore.

"What the market says and what this project will probably be is more of a restaurant themed shopping center with some retailers, but mostly restaurants," said Woodbury.

The hope is that office space can bring business there during the day, while residents can keep the businesses going during all the other times.

Developers will present the plans to the Holladay City Council Thursday night. Then an open house will be set for a later date where the public can then weigh in.


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