Deputy shares story of stopping wanted suspect in Spanish Fork

SPANISH FORK, Utah - (News4Utah) - Utah County Deputy Justin Mortensen is recovering after performing a pit maneuver that helped land a wanted suspect behind bars.

"My decision was to stop him in any way I possibly could," said Mortensen, speaking to News4Utah Thursday afternoon.

"I'd known what he had already done, and what he was willing to do--shooting a civilian and shooting other police officers," added Mortensen.

The suspect, Justin Llewelyn, had been wanted since Saturday after police say he'd broken into a Herriman home, shot the homeowner and fired shots at police.

So as the high speed chase involving Llewelyn went through Provo and Springville and then Spanish Fork, Mortensen had to think fast.

On North Main St., Llewellyn's stolen truck barreled toward him.

"I knew he was armed. I knew it could go to the shootout," said Mortensen.

"As he entered the intersection, I just turned on him, and hit him in the driver's side of his vehicle with mine," he added.

Mortensen says he is not a hero.

"The heroes are actually the guys who actually pulled him out of the car. They're the guys that were actually in the line of fire, they knew he had a gun. Alls I did was hit his car. I guess he could have shot at me as he passed through the intersection -- but he didn't.  The guys that went into harms way are the guys that uh, that went guns on as they pulled him out of the car," said Mortensen.

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