Couple arrested with hundreds of credit card numbers

Police: likely part of larger crime ring

PROVO, Utah (News4Utah) - Two people have been arrested with a machine that helps them essentially steal money using gift cards.

Herald Ringor and Marlissa Sanchez were arrested earlier this month after being spotted acting suspiciously, according to police.

"We just had some good undercover operatives that just happened to be out and about and they just ended up spotting something suspicious," said Detective Nick Dupaix with Provo Police.

Police first noticed the suspects in a vehicle with a rear window broken out; police followed them and stopped their car.

Inside, a K-9 helped find drugs, police say. And then something else.

"They found several gift cards, and credit cards, and then they ended up finding a machine that they later found out was a machine, where these people could swipe these cards, and they could put a large amount of money on these cards," said Dupaix.

Police say the machine somehow fraudulently re-loaded money onto existing gift cards.

"People will use this machine, they'll put money on these cards. They'll sell them to other people or they'll go and make purchases at different stores. And this is money that never existed in the first place," said Dupaix.

Court records show the two were on probation out of California. Police say they were likely part of a larger crime ring.

"It's kind of hard to track down these guys because they're always on the move," said Dupaix.

Police say the two also had pages of credit card numbers; police are still trying to figure out what they were being used for and more charges could follow, said Dupaix.

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