County Officials Ask Residents to Help Their Neighbors Amid Widespread Flooding

BOX ELDER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Residents have been shocked by the amount of flooding coming so early in the year. Farmers throughout the area may not realize the extent of the damage until the water recedes. 
The extent of private property damage is still unknown, but this area is surrounded by flooded fields and homes where water is either close or already inside. Emergency crews are trying to get a head on things, but it's hard when the rain and snow won't stop. 
County officials are asking anyone whose property is OK to go and help their neighbors. One county commissioner became emotional when describing the strain this has put on so many. 
"There was an older gentleman who came in and said I don't have any money can I get some sandbags. I don't know what to tell him besides get in here and load your sandbags up where do them put," said Box Elder County Commissioner Stan Summers.
Volunteers have continued to pour into the area and help fill sandbags. Cities, businesses and infrastructure are being impacted by these high waters. Right now they are going from one problem area to the next trying to fix it. 

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