Competency hearing postponed for man accused of murdering 6-year-old

WEST JORDAN, Utah (News4Utah) Thursday, a judge postponed a competency hearing on a man charged with murder six years ago.

The judge’s decision was based on a technicality.

Terry Black was charged with murder in 2012, but the cased has been postponed several times because of Black’s mental health.

Black is accused of kidnapping and killing 6-year-old Seirra Newbold in 2012.

His last court appearance was almost a year ago when the judge decided he was still not mentally competent enough to stand trial.

Thursday, his defense argued that because of a legal statue, Black had another six months of treatment before he was subject to review.

“I would be formally recommitting him today to the Department of Human Services,” said Judge L. Douglas Hogan.

Many thought the case would come to some source of resolution after Thursday’s hearing, but they will have to wait until Black’s next court appearance in August.

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