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Community shaken after apparent murder-suicide

MAPLETON, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - Police in Mapleton have now revealed the identities of the four people killed in an apparent murder-suicide.

Neighbors in the tight knit community are left wondering why this would happen to what seemed like such a normal family.

"It's hard to process. You just can't hardly imagine that."

Neighbors say they can't believe what transpired next door. Mapleton police were called a home Friday morning after a neighbor reported a lack of activity. Officers broke a window to get in and discovered the bodies of Timothy Griffith, 45, along with his 42-year-old wife Jessica.

Police also found Samantha Badel, 16, who was Jessica's biological daughter, and Alexendre, 5, who was Timothy's son, all four including family dog were shot dead.

Neighbors say they didn't think anything was wrong.

"Never had an indication at all. I talked with him a week ago, and everything seemed fine. It was quite a shock,” said Mapleton resident Doug Allen.

"Soon after police made that discovery students where at Maple Mountain High school were then informed that one of the victims was a fellow classmate."

Several students and parents were attending a play Friday told ABC4 Utah even though they didn't know Samantha they are heartbroken over the loss of a fellow student.

The home is still closed off as the Medical Examiner’s Office finishes its reports, and investigators try to piece together what unfolded.

Investigators also found the family dog shot dead as well. School officials say any students or parents who may have trouble with this situation are urged to contact the school and they can provide counseling.


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