Cedar City Loosens Gun Ordinances

Old Ordinances Not In Line With State Law

CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Gun ordinances are more lax in Cedar City after city leaders realized they conflicted with state law.
Wednesday night, the city council voted unanimously to change the gun ordinances
People can now open carry or conceal carry their guns in Cedar City's parks. 
That's one of the most notable changes after city council member Paul Cozzens saw a study by Libertas Institute last year. 
"We really didn't know it wasn't in compliance with state law," Cozzens said. 
The study found Cedar City had some of the toughest firearms regulations in Utah. 
"Looking at that, I thought we need to get this fixed because we had some outdated ordinances that were not pursuant to state law. So we decided to get those fixed," Cozzens said. 
In addition to allowing guns in parks, firearms can now be shot inside city limits, as long as it is in self defense. Prior to the changes, guns could not be fired at all. 
City leaders say the changes make the community safer.
"I think there has been a lot of problems in our country with gun violence. If you look at a lot of the shootings that have taken place, it's usually in gun-free zones. The bad guys don't usually like people who can shoot back at them," Cozzens said.  
Another change altered the wording under a city ordinance allowing city leaders to close gun stores in the event of a riot. 

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