Caught on Camera: Dog Home Safe After Stuck on Mountain Cliff in Provo

Utah County Search and Rescue Attempt to Rescue Stuck Dog

PROVO, Utah (ABC4 Utah) --  A dog in Provo is back home safe and sound after being stuck on a mountain cliff in freezing temperatures over the weekend.

Volunteers with Utah County Search and Rescue desperately tried to rescue the pup.

Shaun Roundy is Utah County Search and Rescue volunteer. He hiked about a half a mile up steep treacherous terrain to reach Mary the Dog.

He caught the rescue attempt on his Go Pro camera.
"hey, Mary got some food for you buddy. We're going to take good care of you. Hang tight we're almost there."

The dog was on a narrow ledge with a 60 foot drop.
Shaun tried to lure the dog with treats.

Roundy, We thought the dog spent the overnight on the coldest night, it's tired and hunger and it would be happy to see us."

But that just wasn't the case. Mary was not willing to jump in the warm grasp of a kind stranger.
Instead the dog was skittish, nervous, and scared even nipped at Shaun when he tried to grab her.

Roundy, "the paws were right on the edge of a 60 foot cliff, dancing around. If I take one more step closer it's going to fall off."
This went on for 2 hours, time was running out, the sun was setting and temperatures were dropping.

Roundy, "We hate to fail. It takes time. At least we succeeded in getting him some food, left a pack of jerky, a big tin of sardines and warmers on a rope so it was not a total failure. Toward the end, it was disappointing when we realized there was nothing more to do without putting the dog more at risk."

Shaun and his team went back the next morning to try again, this time with a net. But Mary was gone. We learned the owner was able to somehow coax the dog down.
It had a few cuts but the dog is alive.

Roundy says he's learned from the experience saying next time he won't miss the first time, bring a bite sleeve and a net. At one point they even had the dog's owner talking with Mary through a two-way, but the dog wouldn't come down.

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