BYU researchers name newly discovered dinosaur after Moab

PROVO, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Three Brigham Young University researchers and a BYU graduate at Auburn University have profiled a 125-million-year-old dinosaur whose skeleton was assembled using bones found in the Dalton Wells Quarry, near Arches National Park.
They call the new dinosaur Moabosaurus utahensis.
Moabosaurus belongs to a group of herbivorous dinosaurs known as sauropods, which includes giants such as Brontosaurus and Brachiosaurus, who had long necks and pillar-like legs.  Researchers say Moabosaurus is most closely related to species found in Spain and Tanzania, which tells researchers that during its time, there were still intermittent physical connections between Europe, Africa and North America.
Moabosaurus lived in Utah before it resembled the desert we know — when it was filled with large trees, plentiful streams, lakes and dinosaurs.
“We always think of Moab in terms of tourism and outdoor activities, but a paleontologist thinks of Moab as a gold mine for dinosaur bones,” said BYU geology professor and lead author Brooks Britt.
The Moabosaurus discovery was published this week by the University of Michigan’s Contributions from the Museum of Paleontology.

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