Brewvies Reshows Deadpool Without A Fine

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - Brewvies Cinema Pub had a special viewing of the movie Deadpool which got them fined in the first place. The theater is using the proceeds to raise money for their legal fees to sue the state over the rules.

The theater was fined $25,000 and could lose their liquor license for 10 days for showing the movies while serving liquor. Current law forbids the display of sexually explicit material in a place that serves alcohol.

Brewvies has sued the Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control to stop all future enforcement of the law, and have their fine overturned.

Right now their lawsuit is in the early stages of discovery, and could be heard in December or sooner depending on how things progress. Brewvies attorney Rocky Anderson believes they have a good shot of winning based on a First Amendment argument.

"States cannot regulate speech and expression more, simply because liquor is involved," said Anderson.

To help raise money for their legal fees Brewvies reshowed the film to a sold out crowd Friday. They also sold t-shirts as another part of the fundraiser.

Ryan Lucas and his friends couldn't go because they didn't get tickets, but still hung out in the bar. He bought a shirt to support the theater in it's fight because he believes this is about people's choice.

"The reason why this show is sold out is that people are coming here to support Brewvies," said Lucas. "To support what being an adult in Utah stands for, and that is our First Amendment Rights."

The theater filed an injunction against DABC to not enforce the rules while the case is being litigated. The state agreed as long as Brewvies doesn't show any movies over rated R. Which Anderson said they have never done.

DABC does not comment on pending litigation, but did say in the past they were just enforcing the laws on the books.



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