Bizarre home invasion involves kiss at gunpoint

Suspect told victim assault was Halloween prank

LOGAN, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Logan Police hunt for a suspect after a bizarre assault of a Utah State University student in her home on Halloween night. 

Around 9:30 p.m., man walked into an unlocked townhouse on 600 East, held a 19-year-old woman at gunpoint and kissed her. 

“She thought that it was some guy doing maintenance or something. She was like, ‘Can I help you?’ She stood up and he pushed her up against the wall,” Carrie Nelson said, victim’s roommate. 

While the man held his hand over the victim’s mouth and pointed a gun at her head, police said he told her he was drunk and it was a prank.

The man then went on to kiss the victim on the forehead before walking out, according to police. 

“She told me the scariest part of all is that she was alone. He could have done a lot more things than just that,” Nelson said. 

“We’ve certainly had people who are intoxicated walk into people’s homes and some of those kinds of things, but nothing like that,” Logan Police Captain Curtis Hooley said.

The suspect is described as a white man with a darker complexion in his late 20s, six feet tall, 200 pounds with a dark, full beard. He wore a black coat with purple stripes around the pockets. 

Police say they have few leads. 

“Isn’t this something we should be concerned about,” asked Kenna Meyer, USU sophomore.

Students living in off-campus housing criticize police for not alerting them of the armed home invasion next door.

“He had a gun and nobody seemed super concerned,” Meyer said. 

Police tell ABC4 Utah they considered a reverse 911 call, but argue it only reaches land lines and cell phones registered by the user. 

A reverse call would likely not have reached the student-dense neighborhood, according to Capt. Hooley. 

“I know that could be very effective and under the circumstances, I didn’t know if we wanted to cause a panic within the USU community based on the information we had at the time,” Capt. Hooley said. 

If you know the suspect or have information on the aggravated assault, call Logan Police at (435) 716-9300. 

Capt. Hooley adds it is important for people to lock their doors when they’re home or away. 

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