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Biological father attempts to take children from adoptive parents in Grantsville

GRANTSVILLE (News4Utah) - A father who had given his children up for adoption is behind bars after police say he attempted to take the kids from their adopted parents.  

It happened near Main Street and Eastmoor Drive.

According to the police report it started when, the suspect, Tyler Clenneth Nuckolls, 27, entered the home of the couple that had adopted his three children and waited for them to get home.

When the family arrived home, documents say, the adoptive father grabbed a shotgun and entered the home after he "noticed something strange".

Once inside, Nuckolls confronted the father and told him he was a police officer and that the father was under arrest, records say.

That's when the two "got into a scuffle", police say. At one point Nuckolls pointed a pistol at the father, but according to the police report, the father was able to talk him into putting the gun on the ground by agreeing to also drop his weapon. 

That's when, police say, Nuckolls stole the father's shotgun and pointed it at him, demanding the keys to the vehicle so he could "leave with the children".

Records say the father told him he would have to shoot him before he got the keys. Then, police say, he "threw the key to the vehicle over the neighbor's fence".

Weapon in hand, Nuckolls climbed the fence to get the keys. But when the neighbors saw him coming into their yard with a gun they called police.

After retrieving the keys from the neighbor's yard, police say Nuckolls jumped into the car with the mother and three kids still inside and put the keys in the ignition.

"The mother began to fight with [Nuckolls] and she was shoved out the door of the vehicle," records say. Refusing to let go, she was dragged over 70 feet down the driveway.

With the help of witnesses, the mother was able to get the children out of the car safely. 

Nuckolls took off in the car. After a brief car and foot chase, Tooele Police were able to arrest the suspect near 800 North and 700 East. 

Police records say Nuckolls arrived in Utah from California via train on January 12th. They aren't sure how he knew where the family lived because in the adoption he was ordered no contact with the children and has reportedly never been to the home.

He is facing numerous charges including aggravated burglary, impersonating an officer, aggravated assault, three counts of child kidnapping, theft and aggravated robbery.

This is a developing story. News4Utah will have more information when it becomes available. 

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