Bill that protects unborn children with Down syndrome from abortion struggling to move forward

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah)- Supporters of a bill that is aiming to protect unborn children with Down syndrome from abortion are holding out hope that the bill will make it through on the last day of the Legislative Session.

House Bill 205, the Down syndrome Nondiscrimination Abortion Act, prohibits abortion on the basis of of the baby having Down syndrome. It also requires doctors to provide pregnant women with certain information when the diagnosis is made.

"Anybody who knows a person with Down syndrome knows they are just--they spread joy, they spread love and happiness. And, they are always ready with smiles and hugs. The world would be a very different, and a very sad place without them," bill sponsor Rep. Karianne LisonBee said.

Thursday, the bill hit a wall in the Senate over concerns about constitutionality.  

"Similar bills have been challenged in other states, have been struck down as unconstitutional and we believe if this is enacted in our state, it will be struck down as well,"  Mariana Lowe with the ACLU said.

Rep. LisonBee added an amendment to delay implementation until the courts weigh in on similar laws in Ohio and Indiana. That doesn't seem to be swaying the Senate, but she says she'll work on getting votes until the clock strikes midnight.


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