Behind the Badge: Two Decades of Making a Difference

St. George Officer Jim Schafer

ST. GEORGE, UT (ABC4 UTAH) The phrase he's done it all is often overused. But, when it comes to police work - Officer Jim Schafer has truly has done it all. We learn about all his titles and jobs in this week's Behind the Badge report. 

"I wanted to do a job that has something different and not always the same thing."  And for two decades he has done just that. Jim Schafer is a patrol officer with the St. George Police Department. And currently working overnights. "I like the uniqueness of working the different shifts - the calls are different at night as opposed to during the day." He is also a field training officer. A fitness instructor. And a firearms instructor. "We do firearms training twice a year." 

The 52-year-old officer has also worked on the drug task force. He shared one particular case he handled. "It was approximately nearly a year case that was going on - active. And we were finally able to build a case on it after a lot of surveillance - lot of hard work and investigation and we were able to affect an arrest." 

Schafer has also served as a crisis negotiator.  "I was speaking to a gentleman on the phone who was having some problems." "He was not in a good state if mind - he was suicidal at the time. And it was nice to be able to communicate and talk and de-escalate the situation." >  

He was also on the bike patrol and served as the department's Public Information Officer. "The unique thing about it - every day is different - there are never two days that are the same." 

And he adds - in his view - over the years St. George has changed. "Were a lot busier than we used to be. A lot of the calls we respond on now are becoming more and more violent. Specifically family fights. Assaults. Domestic violence incidents."

And without going into details he says he has had his share of intense moments. "I've had several calls in my career where you have to react very quickly, you have to think very quickly and you have to make the right decisions." 

Officer Schafer says he loves being a police officer. "The job has always given me satisfaction - its something I enjoy doing everyday."  And he says it is a honor to wear the badge and serve the citizens of St. George. " I can go out and make a difference in society."  

Officer Schafer's father was in law enforcement as well. And while he did other jobs until he was 32 - he says he always wanted to be an officer.
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