Authorities launch investigation into suspected animal cruelty

LEHI, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Utah County Sheriff’s Office is investigating claims of animal cruelty at a business near Lehi. 
On August 18, a deputy with the Utah County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to investigate an allegation of animal cruelty at a business in an unincorporated area of Utah County.
It has been reported that employees at this company were intentionally harming cats. Investigators say the company involved produces bricks that are used in glass melting tanks and coke ovens. In the manufacturing process, the company uses and keeps on hand large quantities of specialty sand. Over the years this sand has attracted feral and stray cats.
The ongoing situation created health risks for employees who handle the sand and who must remove the waste left by the cats before the sand can be used in the manufacturing process. According to management, this has been a problem they have had to work with for many years, and they have a legitimate interest in removing the cats from their property.
Allegations have been made that in the effort to remove feral cats from the property some of those cats have been abused or otherwise mistreated. Officials say there is a video that has appeared on Facebook showing a cat that is clearly in distress. Detectives are working verify where the video was recorded. They are also working to determine if this cat was intentionally abused or poisoned, or if the cat was otherwise injured, ill, or had been exposed to some chemical inadvertently. 
Utah County Sheriff's Office say at this stage of the investigation, “there is not enough evidence to say that either an employee or management have been involved in the intentional mistreatment of cats at the place of business.” 
The investigation is active and ongoing. 

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