Ask The Authority talks emergency preparation with SLC County Mayor Ben McAdams

10/05/2017 - SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) Ask The Authority is bringing Salt Lake City County Mayor Ben McAdams to your living rooms for everything you want to ask the mayor. He joined Good Morning Utah with Brian Carlson.

We're talking emergency preparedness for a natural disaster, budgeting the county and the big prison move coming soon.

McAdams states, 

      "So one of the things that we're looking at is the area around the prison in Draper is going to change dramatically. You're going to see traffic impacts, a lot of cars, a lot of homes, a lot of people there. We're going to see gridlock. What we're trying to do is plan ahead and avoid that so we can minimize any traffic congestion in that area. But I think we'll see some serious concerns there that we hope to get in front of and address. 
      I'm on a planning committee with the state and the city of Draper and others. We're working to make sure we get that right so we don't cause unnecessary problems down there, that we protect and preserve open spaces and other things in that area." 

Watch Good Morning Utah every Thursday while we ask our local authorities the questions you want answered. 

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