Allergy season comes early to Utah

LAYTON, Utah (News4Utah) - People are suffering from allergy symptoms sooner this year than in years past.

“It’s miserable. And it messes with you,” said Debbie Stewart, who is a longtime victim of seasonal allergies. “My asthma is a result of my allergies,” added Stewart.

Warm weather means those like Stewart are likely to experience symptoms sooner. “It’s obviously been an unusually warm winter,” said Douglas H. Jones, MD, and allergist with Tanner Clinic in Layton.

“With the higher temperatures, the pollen counts are coming out quicker,” added Jones.

According to Intermountain Allergy and Asthma, pollen count for elm is “very high” and cedar pollen count registers as “high."

“We’ve absolutely seen an influx of patients,” said Jones.

“The itchy, stuffy, sneezy, the wheezy, the congestion, you know—colds coming on,” added Jones.

And, he said, colds that persist for longer periods of time. Experts like Jones say it can be helpful to get tested so you know what your specific allergies are; that way, an allergy specialist can develop a game plan to treat you more effectively.

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