A look inside the Online Mission at Temple Square

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) - Sister missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teach people from all over the world from a computer lab at Temple Square called the Teacher Center. They utilize social media and online resources to answer questions and share information about the LDS church. 

When a person has a question about the LDS church, they can chat with a representative on mormon.org. The person answering those questions is usually a Temple Square Sister. 

Sister Shamlian from Virginia explained, "They can call, they can chat, they can request a Bible or a Book of Mormon and we chat with them and we see what they're interested in learning about and we try to share with them what is most relevant to their interests and needs."

President Bonnie Oscarson is the head of the General Young Women's organization and a member of the Church Missionary Committee. She said, "We're not pushing our message on anyone, they are coming to us with questions which is a nice natural way to do this missionary work."

The goal is to refer the people they are teaching to the local missionaries wherever the person lives, but even after, they like to stay in touch. Shamlian said, "Even after we've done that we stay in contact with the person that's interested in the church, we still talk with them because at that point we really love them and are invested in what happens to them."

In 2017, missionaries in teaching centers taught 140,000 people.  

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