A Corporal and his K9 - Why they love to serve and protect

Behind the Badge with Corporal Lewis and K9 Onyx

LEHI, UTAH (ABC4 UTAH) He always wanted to be in law enforcement. And today, he has his dream job and he says the best K9 partner you could ask for. We meet Corporal Levi Lewis and K9 cop Onyx in this week's ABC4 UTAH's Behind the Badge. 
You're watching an impromptu training session. The officer commands. The K9 searches. And the target - heroin and meth. Meet Lehi Police Officer Levi Lewis and his partner - K9 Onyx. "To have him on my six - behind me all day long and utilizing him and finding narcotics and taking em off the streets." 
But searching for and locating drugs is just part of what the Dutch Shepherd does for Lehi Police. "They call you and say, 'Hey, can you bring your dog.' And within a minute you locate the suspect hiding in a pipe 30 feet away, not wanting to give up. So, you send the dog in to apprehend him and bring the whole thing to an end." 
Officer Lewis and Onyx have been partners for two years. And the seven year police veteran couldn't be happier. "I always wanted to get into it because of the K9 portion of it. That is my passion. My dream."  
And he says Onyx is a unique police dog. He can be friendly and loving - as we saw during this story. 
But he is all business when it comes to his job. 
The 36 year old officer says working with K9 is just one reason he loves police work. "To be kind of the body guard - if you will - to the citizens of Lehi. That is where the satisfaction comes from."
Officer Lewis says he had a few other jobs before getting into law enforcement, but he always knew serving and protecting was what he really wanted to do. "A major portion of it is to be the consequence. To be that guy who is not afraid to go after evil. Not afraid to go after someone in the darkest alley because someone robbed somebody." 
He says being in law enforcement has it highs and lows. "It's a world wind of emotions - you know. Spikes of adrenaline. Fun things and sad things. It's just ever changing." "At times it has been worse than I thought. At times it has been better than I thought." But he chooses to focus on the positive. "Unfortunately we deal with a lot of bad, but there is so much good out there." And he hopes people will try to focus on the positive when it comes to him and his fellow officers as well.  "I've never met a law enforcement officer who says I hope I get in a shooting today. I hope that something bad - fill in the blank. I've never met anyone who wants that. But I have met so many who will go buy groceries for somebody. And not want recognition for it - just to help em." "I would say the vast majority of law enforcement officers are compassionate. That's this job. Compassion. You have to have compassion." 
Corporal Lewis has also served on the SWAT Team and is a drug recognition expert and K9 trainer. 
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