9/11 victims remembered at 16th Annual Utah Healing Field

2,977 American flags form a moving memorial in Sandy

SANDY (ABC4 Utah News) - The 2,977 victims of the September 11th Terror Attacks were remembered at a special ceremony Monday evening.

"Welcome to the 16th Annual Healing Field," host and ABC4 Utah Chief Political Correspondent Glen Mills told the crowd as nearly 3000 American flags waved over the Sandy City Hall Promenade, each signifying a person lost on this day in 2001.

Jim Hartley is the father of a 9/11 responder.

"Each flag represents someone who was a victim of that terrorist attack and it's a very appropriate and breathtaking tribute I think, to them," Hartley told ABC4 Utah News. "A memory of a very terrible day but its also a memory of the strength and determination of a people to not bow down to terrorism."

Chris Kishiyama was a SWAT team member with the West Valley City Police Department who went to New York to assist rescue and recovery operations.

"You look at any image from 9/11 even people walking in the dust and the debris, they were helping other people, you know?" Kishiyama said. "They were going back and helping other people and that's who we are. That's who we are as a people, that strength and resilience as one nation."

Of the 2,977 flags, the most poignant and moving are the 18 adorned with teddy bears.

"We are highlighting the pregnant women this year," Utah Healing Field Committee Chairman Shauna Jorgensen said. "There were 10 and then were 8 children amongst the airplanes that crashed so there are 18 flags here that have teddy bears on them to signify those."

Jorgensen says the Healing Field is for those who remember the events of 9/11 - and those who don't.

"This is the most amazing opportunity to feel patriotism, to feel what a textbook can't teach," she said. "This is allowing you the opportunity especially to teach children of yours or grandchildren or nieces and nephews that were born after 9/11 and this is up every year so that we don't forget."

The display will stay up through Tuesday.

The Utah Healing Field is possible because of the support of several local companies including Mountain America Credit Union and Colonial Flag.

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