8-Year-Old Breast Cancer Patient Has A Treatment Plan In Place

Centerville 3rd Grader Chrissy Turner Will Undergo Surgery Next Month

Murray - MURRAY (ABC4 Utah News) - 8-year-old Chrissy Turner's day began with an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America and ended with creating her own Build-A-Bear with the help of Grizzbee and Felix from the Mascot Miracles Foundation.

"I was thinking of naming him Spidey cause it's closer to Spiderman," Chrissy said about the red stuffed bear which she says she will take to the hospital.

On Tuesday the Turners met with doctors at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City to plan her treatment for Secretory Carcinoma, a rare form of breast cancer which her parents call a one in a million disease for someone her age. According to her mother Annette, she's scheduled to have a mastectomy and lymph nodes removed early next month.

"It's still scary you know," Annette told ABC4 Utah News. "When you send your child into the hands of a surgeon and you have to leave them in that room and walk away it's terror. It doesn't matter. You are trusting, entrusting them with the life of your child. Knowing that she's going to have to go through long term care and long term watch it's such a rare situation that the emotional piece for her as she grows and development and all of the reconstruction that she'll have to go through as she gets older it's still very very hard."

Also during Tuesday's meeting Chrissy made a very grown up decision to help other kids.

"She volunteered to be part of a study," Annette said. "Which my husband and I also elected to do with her to see if we can help others who might come into this horror someday."

Annette says it's just like her daughter to help kids she doesn't even know.

"Chrissy has always put others first," Annette said. "She's just a giver. She just gives. She just loves life and loves to see people happy and smile."

Meanwhile money and wishes continue to pour in. Her story has been broadcast on stations around the country and gone viral on social media. Tuesday night her Go Fund Me account passed $17,000. That account called Chrissy's Alliance can be found at https://www.gofundme.com/chrissysalliance.

"You can tell all the generosity and love of so many people that have come forward to support Chrissy and support our family," Annette said. "You just can't thank someone enough for that gift."

The money is certainly needed. Annette is a cervical cancer survivor and Chrissy's father Troy has Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Medical bills forced the family into bankruptcy in 2013.

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