6-year-old pricked by discarded needle outside school

OREM, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Orem Police are warning parents after a 6-year-old outside her elementary school picked up a discarded needle and got pricked by it.
“The syringe was uncapped. The little girl tried to pick up the cap and put it on the syringe when she got stuck,” said Lt. Craig Martinez with Orem Police.
It happened yesterday outside Sharon Elementary School in Orem, and police found out when the father — upset over what happened — called police.
“We need to talk to our kids about syringes. About what they look like. About what to do if they see them,” said Martinez.
“Talk to your kids about ‘em, show them what they look like. And tell them what to do — which is, should be. If you see this, don’t go near it. Don’t touch it. Come and tell me. Or come and tell an adult, come and tell a teacher,” said Martinez.
Martinez says Orem Police can’t be sure, but they suspect the syringe was discarded by a drug user.
“They don’t care that a 6-year-old kid could pick this up. They don’t think about that. All they think about is getting high,” said Martinez. 
It’s unclear how the 6-year-old is doing after what happened, but parents say they are concerned over what happened.
“It’s obviously scary. As a parent, I would be very concerned,” said parent Bertha Ochoa.
“It even makes me wanna cry. Cause I mean, you don’t know. You don’t know, you don’t know where this needle was — or who touched it, where it came from. I mean, I can’t imagine how the parents must be feeling. I really can’t,” said Ochoa.

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