Little Cottonwood Canyon closed due to unsafe avalanche conditions

UDOT crews trigger 40 slides

LITTLE COTTONWOOD CANYON (ABC4 Utah) - Little Cottonwood Canyon will be closed until at least Tuesday morning due to unsafe avalanche conditions. The Utah Department of Transportation made the call to close the canyon around 7a.m. Monday while crews worked to make the road safe.

UDOT Spokesperson John Gleason explained, "We do these things to ensure the safety of everyone traveling in the canyons, and on a day like this we just didn't want to take any chances."

UDOT works with the Utah Avalanche Center and the resort avalanche crews to determine the safety of the canyon and the likelihood of a slide. Gleason said the danger was high, "It's about as bad of conditions as our folks have seen up there in some time."

Crews used the stationary howitzers and other explosives to trigger slides, and they caused about 40 of them. Seven of which actually crossed the roadway.

"It's challenging work, and it's important work and it's critical that we're up there doing this avalanche control so that we can ensure the safety of everyone in our canyon," said Gleason.

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