Drowsy Driving Awareness Week

Published 08/21 2014 06:49AM

Updated 08/21 2014 07:10AM

THURSDAY, Utah (Good4Utah)-Utah roads can be very dangerous which is a serious cause for concern. Sgt. Michael Irvine from the Utah Highway Safety Office joined us in studio to discuss the danger that may be going unnoticed. Irvine says Since January, Utah has experienced 157 fatalities - up 22 (16 percent) from that same time period last year, and since the beginning of the '100 Deadliest Days', we have had 84 fatalities - nearly a fatality a day. Irvine also warns that drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. If you don't think you are at risk for driving drowsy, think again. Drowsy drivers are anyone:
·     Driving longer than two hours without a break
·     Driving alone
·     Driving at night
·     If you've been drinking or taking medication
·     If you had 6 hours or less of sleep
·     If you're working or going to school more than 60 hours/week
·     We are also in the middle of the Deadliest Days of summer, where we see an increase in drowsy driving crashes. 
·     People are traveling, staying up later, out in the sun all day, driving long stretches in one day

Drivers should always plan ahead and make sure to get enough sleep every night. Remember, if you're showing signs of drowsy driving, it is your responsibility to pull over.
Drowsy Driving Indicators:
·     Head bobbing
·     Difficulty focusing
·     Heavy eyelids
·     Frequent Blinking
·     Daydreaming or wandering thoughts
·     Yawning repeatedly
·     Drifting out of your lane, tailgating, hitting rumble strips
·     Restless and irritable
·     If you are experiencing any of these symptoms - get off the road or switch drivers.

For more driving safety tips, visit the Public Safety website

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