Are your pets prepared for disasters?

Published 08/20 2014 06:56AM

Updated 08/20 2014 07:25AM

WEDNESDAY, Utah (Good4Utah)-You and your family might be prepared for a natural disaster but are your pets? Richard Woodruff from the American Red Cross Utah joined us live in studio today to show us different preparedness kits for pets. Woodruff discussed different ways people can prepare their pets and service animals for a disaster:

Research locations that could shelter pets in the event evacuations are called for. American Red Cross disaster shelters cannot accept pets because of health and safety regulations. Service animals that assist people with disabilities are the only animals allowed in Red Cross shelters. It may be difficult to find shelter for animals in the midst of a disaster, so plan ahead.    

-Contact regional hotels and motels to check policies on accepting pets and restrictions on number, size, and species. Ask if "no pet" policies could be waived in an emergency.  
-Ask friends, relatives, or others in neighboring areas whether they could shelter pets.
-Ask local animal shelters or veterinarians if they provide emergency shelter or foster care for pets in a disaster. Animal shelters are caring for the animals they already have so this should be a last resort.
-Keep a list of "pet friendly" places that are located along evacuation routes, including phone numbers.  
-If told to evacuate, take your pets with you. If it is not safe for you to remain at home, it is not safe for your pets.
-If an advanced warning is issued, call ahead to confirm emergency shelter arrangements for pets. Bring all pets inside in case of sudden evacuation orders.

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