Family: 'Miracle' woman in vehicle survived plane crash

Pilot and driver of vehicle survive after plane crashes into car

ROY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - It was a miracle Sammie Sandoval made it out of her car alive.

That's what her family said about the woman who was struck by a plane while driving in Roy yesterday.  Sandoval survived suffering only a broken pinkie according to her brother.  Roy police said the pilot also survived but was hospitalized for his injuries. The plane erupted into flames after hitting Sandoval's car and landed on 1900 West and 4500 South.

"It's a miracle," said Sandoval's brother Luke Draayer. "That's the only way I can chalk it up that way.  Someone was watching over her."

Seconds after Sandoval was removed from her vehicle, it caught fire.
Her brother said Sandoval was traveling southbound on 1900 West when she was suddenly struck by a plane that had just left the Ogden airport.

"The plane had actually hit the back of her car," Draayer said.  "I believe it hit the car before it hit the pavement. And it caused her car to spin around and face the opposite direction."

Her brother said Sandoval never saw the car hit her from behind but she did hear and feel it.

"When she got hit, she honestly thought it was a concrete truck that hit her," Draayer said.

He said her car caught fire and was spreading inside the cab.   Sandoval was trying to get out but the door was jammed.

"She tried getting the glass to break but by that time the Roy City employees got there and got her out," Draayer said.

His sister is now recovering after suffering a broken pinkie.

"It's hard for her to put it in words or myself to put it in words but you don't hear of someone hit by an airplane and just walking away with a broken pinkie," he said.

Draayer said Sandoval as well as his family wanted to thank those workers who helped her from the car.  He said without their help, it might have ended differently.

One of those rescuers was a Roy city employee.  He chose not to be interviewed but did state he doesn't consider himself a hero and that anyone else would have done the same thing. 

Another of the rescuers was an off-duty Ogden police officer.  But a spokesman for the department said the officer had no comment.

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