The Younger You Episode 5: Marinello, Courtney's Makeover

Marinello Schools of Beauty worked with our fashion stylists Nick and Heidi to help Courtney, 29-year-old mother of 3, pump up her drab style by giving her a top-to-toe makeover. Courtney wanted a makeover because she has found it hard to make decisions of what to wear and difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Speaking of trends, Nick and Heidi emphasize how important it is to dress more for your body type than what styles are trending. Find clothing that shows off your assets and covers up those problem areas. Nobody knows what the number on the tag of your pants says so wear clothing that fits.

Troy talked to Nick and Heidi about fashion myths and whether they were still relevant or not. 

You can’t wear white after Labor Day- False. This was a myth popular in the 1950’s and it’s no longer true. Wearing white after Labor Day is fine as long as the material is suitable for the season. 

You can’t mix neutrals-false. If you are wearing multiple neutrals make sure to add a pop of color. 

You can’t mix metallics-be careful with this one. Mixing metallics is only okay if it’s used subtly. 

Should you wear a matching belt and shoes? This is another rule that can broken but in a professional setting it’s more appropriate for these to match. 

You can’t mix patterns. This is another one that can be broken but should be done cautiously. This one can be tricky and must be done tastefully. 

Our final myth to bust is that tall women should wear heels. This one is also false. It’s all about confidence.

Nick and Heidi took Courtney shopping to help her find the perfect outfit to match her body shape. An outfit can almost always be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. After they found her the perfect outfit, she headed over the Marinello School of Beauty to get her hair and make-up done by Lindsay, the artistic director. Courtney is up for anything and together they pick out a sassy blonde color.

On this episode Lindsay shows us how to do the perfect smoky eye.

Step 1- Prime your eyelid with a concealer.

Step 2- Use a nude eye shadow as your base

Step 3- Use a dark eye shadow to line the lid using an angled brush.

Step 4- Use a medium color to blend the line with a blending brush.

Step 5- Use a clean blending brush to continue blending.

Step 6- Trace over the line with a pencil to darken and deepen.

Step 7- Use a medium color to create a v in the corner of the eye and blend.

Step 8- Blend all colors to get rid of all the harsh lines. 

At the end of the episode we get to see Courtney’s final look. She is so happy with her result. “I feel fun, fresh, and funky.” Her hairstyle works great for her face shape elongating her round face. The dress she wears has a belt that cinches her at the waist giving her that desired hourglass shape. She looks great and she feels like she’s ready for anything.

The contact information for our guest: 

Lindsay Gratehouse
Artistic Director at Marinello Schools of Beauty
575 North Main Street
Layton, UT 84041

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