BYU Avalanche victim remembered

UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 - Utah) Avalanches claimed the lives of two people this weekend.

21 year-old BYU student, Ashleigh Cox was buried while snow shoeing in American Fork Canyon near the Tibble Fork Reservoir Saturday.

Jason Lewis was sledding with kids when he ran to help search for Ashleigh.

“It was wet and heavy snow,” said Lewis. “Someone was able to feel her hand in the snow and we were able to dig her out.”

Ashleigh was taken off life support Sunday.

I just hope her friends and family know, we did everything we could,” said Lewis.

“It was a shock,” said Kayla Black, Ashleigh’s friend. “Because you just hope, when you find out they're in a coma, you just hope that they can recover. That's the only thing that keeps you going.”

Kayla spent summer of 2013 interning at orphanages and a hospital in Romania.

Ashleigh is the sweetest person you've ever met,” said Kayla. “She just had a good spirit about her and you felt good when you were around her.”

Kayla said she gathered with others from their summer program to remember Ashleigh.

She would do this funny dance whenever she would do it, so we were just laughing about the little dances that she did,” said Kayla.

“She had some really special experiences in the hospital with the children,” said Kayla. “One in particular died when she was there, she felt so close to her. When that baby died, one of the things that got her, got us through, was knowing one day that she'd see her again. So know we know that she's able to be there with the baby, and that's a huge comfort.”

Kayla said the funeral will be held in Colorado, but a memorial will be held in Provo on Friday. Time and location has not yet been announced.

Another avalanche in San Pete county claimed the life of a man from Ferron over the weekend.

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