American Fork Police Officer shot at during domestic violence call

Department says officer is lucky to be alive

AMERICAN FORK, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - An American Fork police officer is lucky to be alive after being shot at several times Sunday night while responding to a domestic violence call.

According to American Fork Police the suspect in this case, 35-year-old Seth Patterson, threatened police that if officers showed up to his home he would shoot them. 
Having heard the threat come through the 9-1-1 call the American Fork police officer knew Patterson was likely armed and dangerous. That's why, police say, he chose to park down the street from the Patterson's address to wait for backup.

American Fork Sgt. Josh Christensen said, "As he was sitting down the street with his lights off, the suspect left his residence in a vehicle. He started driving down the street towards the officer and to the point where the officer thought he was going to ram him."
The officer was able to drive up on the snowbank to avoid being hit, but that's when police say Patterson got out of his car, came to the officer's driver-side window and pointed a gun at the officer. The officer sped off and Patterson, we're told, fired off as many as a half a dozen rounds.

"There were rounds in the trunk, there were rounds in the back window, rounds that traveled through the vehicle and were stopped by the cage, the partition from the front seat and the backseat," said Sgt. Christensen. "It was just moments, I mean fractions of seconds, he had to make a decision as to how to protect himself and his most viable thing he could do was just to speed off. I'm very confident that that decision saved his life last night."

The young officer, who has only been with the department for less than a year, is lucky to be alive. Police say it's amazing he wasn't hit. "He was pretty shaken up last night, but he was also ready to come back to work," said Christensen.

Seth Patterson himself in to police late Sunday night and has been booked into Utah County Jail. He's been charged with attempted aggravated murder, domestic violence assault, and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

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