Stem cells now useful in overcoming hair loss

Utah Stem Cells has found stem cell therapy is also effective in aiding treatment of hair loss. Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cells have started to produce results in stimulating hair growth.

Dr. William Cimikoski, MD is Medical Director at Utah Stem Cells Joint Treatment and Wellness Center. Yesterday he spoke about how their established program, backed by medical data, is highly effective for fast and long-term improvement of hair growth. Stem cell therapy has the ability to build or reinforce hair follicles

"The Stem Cells used in our therapy are the highest quality available, taken from the Amniotic Membrane and Umbilical Cord from donor mothers. These mothers donate their tissues during a live healthy birth when they have their babies delivered by C Section. These are very close in potency and characteristics to Embryonic Stem Cells, without any of the ethical concerns of how Embryonic Stem Cells are obtained (from abortions), which are not legal in the U.S.  By using Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Stem Cells we can deliver thousands of times more Stem Cells than what will be stimulated by your body to send on its own.  And most importantly, these will be a much younger, more potent form of stem cells, than your own adult aged Stem Cells."


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