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Social isolation a concern for those with hearing loss

Some problems associated with hearing loss can be quite severe. One of the immediate effects of hearing loss can be social isolation and withdrawal. Dr. Enoch Cox, Au.D. an audiologist from My Hearing Centers joined Surae to share what new studies have found about hearing loss and new technology to address problems.

Recent studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between these factors and anxiety, depression, dementia, stroke, heart attack and even Alzheimer's. One study suggested that a minimal hear loss left untreated could double the chance of a person getting dementia, and another study revealed that individuals were actually losing brain mass because they weren't treating this condition.  Now it is known that hearing loss involves more than just turning up the volume on the TV or asking people to repeat themselves. Treating hearing loss is now focusing on improving the quality of an individual's life and even lengthening that life.
Hearing aid technology have improved significantly even in the last two or three years with the introduction of digital hearing aids and Bluetooth compatibility. Digital hearing aids not only amplify sound but can help a person hear conversations in noisy, crowded environments like restaurants.

My Hearing Centers is asking for participants in a special 30-day program. Fifty individuals are needed to volunteer and evaluate a new hearing instrument called Signia NX. A newly released 100% digital, high-definition hearing device.

To get involved, interested persons must call My Hearing Centers at (801)506-6335.  Signia NX is the first hearing device that's been clinically proven to make hearing effortless, every day in every situation.
Hearing consultations will be held at no charge at My Hearing Centers locations.  Participants will try hearing aids risk free for 30 days.

Visit MyHearingCenters.com for information or call (801)506-6335 to participate.

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