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Worth the cost? Riverton residents question sign project

RIVERTON, Utah (ABC 4 News) - A new welcome sign in Riverton has some asking questions.

RIVERTON, Utah (ABC 4 News) - A new welcome sign in Riverton has some asking questions.

The rock sign on the Riverton-Herriman border was placed in the middle of a sidewalk.

“Just horrible planning, not a lot of thought that went into the process,” said Stewart Anderson, Riverton resident.

A blocked sidewalk that's an unwelcoming sight for the disabled on both sides of the border. A Herriman city spokesperson said they received complaints.

The sidewalk has since been re-constructed around the sign, but questions of waste remain.

“Just a waste of money, all the additional concrete work, doing fences they're going to have to do additional iron work, why not put it adjacent to the sidewalk?” asked Anderson.

The city of Riverton declined an on-camera interview, but the city manager told ABC 4 Utah's Kim Johnson the sign had to be placed close to the road so drivers could see it, any further the other way would have encroached on a soccer field. It's a reason the city justified spending an additional $1,320 to rebuild the sidewalk.

“$1,300 is $1,300 that the city shouldn't be spending,” said LaRaine Boska, a Riverton resident.

But it's a drop in the bucket compared to the total cost of the project. The sign near 134th S and 54th W is one of five new welcome signs costing taxpayers a total of $27,615. Three of the signs are within a mile of each other.

“I think they could have left the sign out here,” said Paul Wayman, a Riverton resident and candidate for city council. “I think there is one down the street just several blocks.”

The city manager said they're just trying to mark the city's borders. But skeptics wonder if the money could have been better spend elsewhere.

“There's so many bigger issues in the city, to spend money putting these really large signs and blocking a sidewalk, and to me, issues like, how about water we can drink? People who live here understand the water is terrible,” said Anderson.

A sign the city won't budge? Riverton is already planning to build more signs in the future.

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