West Jordan mom declares "Because I'm Awesome" day one year after son's death

WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 News) - One year after her son was hit and killed in a DUI accident, a West Jordan mom is naming a day in memoriam.
WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 News) - One year after her son was hit and killed in a DUI accident, a West Jordan mom is naming a day in memoriam. 

Erin Worland and her family are working to declare November 2nd as national " Because I'm Awesome" day in honor of her 13 year old son Collin who was killed November 2, 2011.  The slogan comes from one of Collin's trademark sayings, which marks his head stone.  "It was almost always his response to any question that I would ask him.  I'd say why do so many girls like you, and he'd say because I'm awesome," said Worland of Collin.

Erin Worland remembers the day Collin died.  Collin was walking to school with friends near 5600 West in West Jordan when a driver who was under the influence of marijuana hit him.  Collin survived at the scene of the accident for only a few minutes as rescue workers tried to revive him - long enough for Erin and her husband to see him alive and say goodbye to him.  "I yelled to Collin, yelled at him one last time.  I said Collin, come on, you gotta pull through buddy.  We need you...as they were pumping away on his chest," said Worland.

The driver was never charged with felony automobile homicide or substance abuse.

The last 12 months have been difficult for the Worland family and that's why they've decided to help use Collin's message to uplift and inspire others. "It's a good reminder of how important life is and how special everybody is, and how hard it is to lose people," said Worland.

The idea is catching on statewide as the Worlands distribute "Because I'm Awesome" pins to get the message out.  On Friday Nov. 2, hundreds of kids from area high schools will be wearing the pins. Erin also has plans to talk to Governor Herbert about declaring it an official day here in Utah.  Her family's hope is to eventually have the day become nationally recognized.

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