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Utah National Guard Deployment cut short due to possible government shutdown

CAMP WILLIAMS, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) Utah's Army National Guard members from the 1457th Engineer Battalion deployed Thursday to Colorado.
CAMP WILLIAMS, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)- Utah's Army National Guard members from the 1457th Engineer Battalion deployed Thursday to Colorado.

Their mission, to help rebuild after destructive floods took place this month. However, the soldiers won’t be staying long due to current budget cut threats and possible government shut down.

Maj. DJ Gibb is part of the 100 soldiers deployed called “Task Force Pioneer.” He says they are arriving to Colorado Friday to stage their equipment and then will return home Sunday.

"Yes it’s difficult to have to go there and then come home and then go back again. It creates a little uncertainty with families and just the uncertainty period of not knowing if we're even going back," Said Maj. Gibb.

Maj. Gibb says despite the uncertainty the soldiers are still planning on going back to help those in need. We have every confidence that the budget will pass and that we’ll be able to continue working as a national guard and accomplish our mission in Colorado," said Maj. Gibb.

A mission, he says, to help the Colorado National Guard rebuild. ABC 4 Utah contacted Utah Senator Mike Lee, Senator Orin Hatch and Congressman Jason Chaffetz to get their reaction on aid being put on hold due to government shut down. However, only Senator Lee immediately responded with a statement that read:

"So far, House Republicans are the only ones who have voted to fund government and avoid a shut down. I applaud their efforts and have demanded that Sen. Harry Reid and the Democrats do the same in order to keep government open. The Senate should immediately vote to pass the House bill so that the country can avoid just this kind of uncertainty," -Senator Lee.

Meanwhile, soldiers from Task Force Pioneer are staying positive. "We keep it really simple. We are going to get out there get our equipment staged and make sure we are ready to go. Then come home and get back out there,” said Maj. Gibb.

Once the soldiers return back to Utah on Sunday they will wait for the go ahead to return to Colorado and complete their mission for two weeks.
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