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Uniqe Hair Accessories

Local blogger Gentri Trinnaman has some unique spins on how to wear basic accessories.

Gentri Trinnaman shares 4 different ways to wear accessories in a unique way:

        1. Everyone has a silk scarf in their closet, but a new trend is to tie it around your head like a turban. This can work for short or long hair.
        2. Hair Bows are not just for little girls anymore. You can wear them without looking eight! A fun way to wear a bow is under a bun to show off the bow from the back.
        3. Elastic Headbands or Hair Clips do not need to be worn on your head. You can wear them around your neck like a necklace or collar to add some texture to your outfit.
        4. Scarves are seen everywhere during these chilly winter months, but you don't have to wear it around your neck. Instead, tie it in a bow to mix it up.

For more fun ideas visit Gentri's blog at www.gentrilee.com.
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