Understanding Male Menopause

Understanding Male Menopause

Learn how hormones effect men's health.
Do you have decreased energy and stamina, low libido and sexual dysfunction? Are you experiencing depression, weight gain, muscle loss, night sweats, and loss of mental sharpness? Do you feel like you’ve “lost your edge”? You could be suffering from male menopause or what’s commonly known as Andropause. Dr. Petersen is a leading expert in men’s health and hormonal issues.

What exactly is Andropause?

Andropause is sometimes called “the male menopause” It’s the time of life when male sex hormone levels begin to decline. Just like menopause in women, the age of onset will vary greatly but andropause affects approximately half of men over age 50.

What are the main hormones that men need to ensure are functioning properly and being accurately tested?

Andropause symptoms vary from one man to the next — from erectile dysfunction, depression, sleep disturbances to weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and loss of mental acuity — but treatment often includes hormone replacement therapy. Some physicians simply try to replace testosterone, and then use methods that are inadequate or poorly monitored. We recognize that multiple sources contribute to this vicious cycle of age and societal causes. At Holtorf Medical Group, we will evaluate not only testosterone, many other hormones in your body.

Some of the symptoms that men need to be aware of that could indicate low hormone levels.

Symptoms of Andropause can vary from one man to the next. The most common symptoms are:
Erectile dysfunction
Less sex drive
Feeling tired
Lacking initiative
Being less assertive
Low energy
Gaining weight for no obvious reason
Losing muscle or definition
Having difficulty building muscle in spite of consistent workouts
Feeling mildly depressed
Enjoying life less
Not performing as well at work or in sports
Insulin resistance or diabetes
Belly fat
Sleep apnea

What makes your program different?

Traditional physicians may have dismissed men’s symptoms as things that “we just have to live with” or may have tried treating the symptoms without looking for the actual cause. At Holtorf Medical Group, we don’t accept that you can’t regain the vitality and enjoyment of life longer than your normal biology dictates. Just when you are at your best and most experienced, you don’t have to accept that your body’s capabilities will desert you or that this is the “new normal”. We know that much of what you are experiencing may be related to changes in hormone levels and the complex issues related to Andropause.

Our program acknowledges what you’re going through and provides you with a personalized care plan aimed at restoring your vitality, competitive edge and quality of life for long-lasting results that you’re looking for. Through our detailed health questionnaire, history, and review of specific lab tests, we can determine the underlying factors that may be leading to your symptoms and create a customized, integrative plan to get your edge and vitality back.

If you want more information on how Holtorf Medical Group can address your symptoms associated with andropause and testosterone therapy please visit HoltorfMed.com or call (801)821-5384 to talk to a patient representative.

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