Tips on Throwing a Themed Party

Tips on Throwing a Themed Party

Get tips on how to throw a themed party just in time for St. Patricks Day!
Kara Allen from Kara's Party Ideas gives tips on throwing a themed party!

"5 tips on throwing a themed party"

1- Chose your theme and color scheme (white, blue & green party). Even themed parties need color schemes so everything matches and flows nicely and is visually stunning. 

2- Center your invitation around the party. Think outside the box. Use a party hat as an invitation like this princess party invite...or take a photo of the birthday child in theme matching attire for the invite.

3- Food or Desserts? Decide whether you're serving a meal, or just dessert/cake. You can even replace a cake with cupcakes. It's fun to center your food/dessert around the party theme. I personally like having parties in between meals so you can focus more on fun desserts and treats that match the theme. It also makes planning less stressful if you know your guests have already eaten and you don't have to have a meal prepared for them.

4- Main party table. Put all your main party items in one central location and dress up that table or location to match the theme. Make it the focal point of the themed party . Don't stress about decorating the whole room or the park, for example, where you're having the party.

5- Party favors are a must have. Have fun with them and get creative when it comes to matching them to the theme. Doesn't have to be typical dollar store toys and trinkets. You can make your favors at home! 

Speaking of favors, let me leave you with some fun St Patricks Day party favors or Gift ideas since St Patricks day is this week! These are great for family, friends & teachers..

1- Candy Sticks with marshmallows and chocolate coins resembling a rainbow since St Patrick's day is all about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Cute printable tags that read "you are my lucky charm" available as a free download on today!

2- Gumball tube with gold rolo at bottom. This tag reads, "you're my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" and is also available today for free!

3- Simple and cute rock candy stick with attached tag. Gumball tubes, candy sticks, rock candy, etc all available in my online party supply shop.

And that's a wrap! 

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